PRE-96 Windshield for Ultra Classic®/Street Glide®

PRE-96 Windshield for Ultra Classic®/Street Glide®

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F4 Customs’ Replacement Motorcycle Windshields

F4 Customs’ replacement motorcycle windshields are designed with two things in mind: quality and experience. Every one of our motorcycle windscreens is constructed from the highest optical grade polycarbonate we could find. Then it is formed and coated with a proprietary hard coating that protects your windshield from scratches. The proprietary coating is also designed to shed rain, and clean easy. Our replacement motorcycle windshields also come in varying height and style options, so you get the riding experience you want, whether that ride is a short-day trip or a 10,000-mile journey. Every F4 Customs motorcycle windshield is designed to perform and last, wherever the road takes you.

Choosing the right F4 Customs motorcycle windshield for Harley Davidson: Electra Glide, Street Glide, Tri-Glide and Ultra Classic (Pre-1996):

F4 Customs offers the following height options as replacement windshields for Harley Davidson HD Ultra Classic, Street Glide, Electra Glide and Tri-Glide:


12” Stock Height


Should I go with clear or tint?

Clear: We recommend the clear option if you do a lot of night riding, or you prefer the visibility a clear windshield provides.

Light Tint: The light tint option is 15% tinted, so you can still look through it during night rides. The tint also acts like a pair of sunglasses during the day and reduces headlight glare at night.

Replacement Motorcycle Windshield For:

MAKE: Harley Davidson MODEL: Street Glide, TriGlides, Ultra Classic

YEAR: 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995

Part Number Clear LightTint Thickness Mounts to Factory 5 Bolt Fairing DOT Approved Fits FLHT 'Prior to1996' Models Made in the USA
FLHT-PRE-96-9-C x 0.125 x x x x
FLHT-PRE-96-9-T x 0.125 x x x x
FLHT-PRE-96-12-C x 0.125 x x x x
FLHT-PRE-96-12-T x 0.125 x x x x
FLHT-PRE-96-15-C x 0.125 x x x x

    PRE-96 Windshield for Ultra Classic®/Street Glide®
    PRE-FLHT 9.5" TINT
    PRE-96 Windshield for Ultra Classic®/Street Glide®
    PRE-96 Windshield for Ultra Classic®/Street Glide®

F4 Customs

F4 Custom is a leader in the aftermarket motorcycle windshield industry. In March of 2005, F4 Customs started daily operations by launching a new high-quality aftermarket windshield to rival what was currently on the market. The windshields are manufactured using the highest optical grade polycarbonate available. This Lexan® material is UV stabilized to help prevent it from drying out and becoming brittle. Polycarbonate is over 30X more impact resistant than acrylic. The patented proprietary process and coatings give the F4 windshields the best rain-shedding ability on the market without using special waxes or polishes.
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