Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I pick the proper shield for me?

  2. This is the age-old question, “do I look through the windshield or over the top”. It has been our experience with any other windshield due to clarity and rain shedding you should look over the shield. However with the "optical clarity" and "rain shedding" ability of the F4 Customs windshield you now have the option to have the extra protection that you can get from looking through and being behind the taller windshields.

  3. Will the Windshield for the Gold Wing reduce the head buffeting and microphone noise my co-rider is experiencing?

  4. This question is asked most often by Goldwing Riders who have tried other shields and although the rider is satisfied with the wind deflection the co-rider continues to get head buffeting and microphone noise.

    The Plus 4 windshield was designed by Don Frank to eliminate these problems which his wife was experiencing. Subsequently, it has proven to be one of the most popular windshields on the market. The height, width, and angle were designed to move the wind up and over both the rider and the co-rider which highly reduces the head buffeting and the microphone noise. For more help in picking which Goldwing shield is right for you, click here.

  5. How do I clean my new F4 windshield?

  6. F4 Customs windshields solve the daunting problem that is as old as the industry itself: “How do I clean my windshield without scratching or damaging it with the wrong rags and chemicals?” Easy – with F4 Customs windshields, simply use paper towels and standard glass cleaner. That’s right, the infamous X’s (Windex® and Rain-X®) are no longer off limits! To watch a video on care instructions, click here.


    One of the great things about F4 Customs Windshields is low-maintenance cleaning. It can be done simply with a paper towel and F4 Customs Windshield Cleaner, or your favorite glass cleaner(Windex, etc.). Apply cleaner liberally to shield and wipe clean with paper towel; finish with a clean, dry paper towel. No waxy or oily cleaners; they will inhibit the performance of your F4 shield.

    We advise the use of paper towels over microfiber towels to clean F4 Customs Windshields as Microfiber can retain sand or grit particles, even after laundering. These particles could cause damage to the shield; therefore, that threat is eliminated by the use of ordinary clean, fresh paper towels and the shield will retain the original perfectly-clear finish. The F4 Customs windshield is incredibly scratch resistant; however, it is not scratch proof. Paper towels WILL NOT harm the F4 shield.


    As part of the extensive manufacturing process, F4 Customs windshields are coated with a patented hard coat. When the hard coat is baked into the shield, the windshields are also sealed (helping to shed rain, bugs, etc.).

    Wax-based or oily-type polishes or cleaners will inhibit the optical clarity and rain-shedding ability of F4 Customs Windshields. These cleaners will not cause harm to the shield but may produce a light film on the windshield that could be hard to remove. This film allows microscopic particles to embed in the film, thereby creating surface tension that prevents proper rain shedding. Please, no used microfiber cloths or laundered towels. For best results use F4 Customs Windshield Cleaner & Paper Towels.

  7. What material are F4 windshields made from?

  8. The base material is polycarbonate, otherwise known as Lexan®. However, F4 utilizes the highest optical grade polycarbonate available which is a UV stabilized material to help prevent it from drying out and becoming brittle over time. Polycarbonate is over 30X more impact resistant than acrylic. The patented proprietary process and coatings are what gives the F4 windshields the best rain shedding ability on the market without the use of special waxes, polish, etc. Just clean it and ride. We all want the best product when it comes to safety. This is why F4 utilizes polycarbonate and not acrylic.

  9. Is there any distortion in the F4 Customs windshield?

  10. Due to our patented manufacturing process, we are able to form our windshields without any distortion and therefore offer the clearest shield on the market today. Some windshield manufacturers state that the shield being distorted does not affect the quality of the ride, however when riding late at night, into the sun, in parking lots or on unfamiliar roads - seeing clearly is riding safely. F4 is the “Clear Choice”.

  11. Does F4 Customs offer any tinting in their shields?

  12. Absolutely! Most of our models are being offered both Tint and Clear. Check out the website and if you don't see what you need, contact us.

  13. What is the difference between polycarbonate and acrylic?

  14. This is one of the most popular and most important questions surrounding the purchase of your new windshield. There are really two schools of thought, but let’s start with these facts.

    • Acrylic is 17 times more impact resistance than glass.
    • Polycarbonate has 30 times higher impact resistance than acrylic.

    Whereas acrylic is 17 times more impact resistance than glass, a much better material to be used in a motorcycle windshield application is polycarbonate like F4 utilizes which is 30 times stronger than acrylic.

  15. So my windshield will never scratch?

  16. Our windshields have the highest combination of abrasion resistance and optical clarity on the market. However, we do not advertise them as "scratch proof" but "highly scratch resistant" even when rubbed with 0000 steel wool. The difference is that the F4 Customs windshield far exceeds the FMR material and is far superior to the acrylic replacements that are on the market today. F4 Customs is the "right choice" when the best quality, safety, and performance are required.

  17. What is F4’s warranty?

  18. F4 offers a four-year limited warranty. To read more about F4’s warranty, please click here.

  19. How hard is the installation process?

  20. Our windshields can be installed without being certified as a mechanic. Please click here to review our installation videos and .pdfs. Please contact us with any questions.

F4 Customs

F4 Custom is a leader in the aftermarket motorcycle windshield industry. In March of 2005, F4 Customs started daily operations by launching a new high-quality aftermarket windshield to rival what was currently on the market. The windshields are manufactured using the highest optical grade polycarbonate available. This Lexan® material is UV stabilized to help prevent it from drying out and becoming brittle. Polycarbonate is over 30X more impact resistant than acrylic. The patented proprietary process and coatings give the F4 windshields the best rain-shedding ability on the market without using special waxes or polishes.
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