Welcome to F4 Customs Motorcycle Windshields

Welcome to F4 Customs Motorcycle Windshields, home of the “Motorcycle Windshield Specialist” and the infamous “Steel Wool Test.” F4 started with founder Don Frank’s dream of flipping the motorcycle industry upside down with products that were a hands down first choice by motorcycle owners. The first product was the F4 Customs windshield. In March of 2005, F4 Customs started daily operations launching the marketing and sales efforts on their new windshields.

The company now has many different windscreens available for various models and many more in the design process. Don attributes their success to the help and support of their friends and family along with providing the best possible customer service.

F4 Customs' mission is to "Treat others as we like to be treated and continue building F4's reputation as the industry leader in quality, performance, innovation, craftsmanship and customer service. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our company you can call 330.968.4644 or email us at sales@f4customs.com