Phil Rouse

I recently purchased a +4 for my GL1500 at Wings Over the Smokies. The ride home to Northeastern PA was a visual pleasure despite the rain on Sunday. The raindrops just pooled to the edges of the shield leaving a clear field of optical clarity. My wife riding two up had a better ride home also, not getting buffeted from the wind. You were great to deal with.

Mark Taylor

Not sure you will remember me but I wanted to say thanks...at the 2009 WingDing the owner saw that my new 2009 had an F4 which was not installed correctly so he replaced it for free. I just had an accident and the shield kept me on the bike safe...broke up my jaw but I did not go flying and am alive...thanks. Bought a replacement Goldwing and will be having a new F4 installed once I take delivery.

Brian Norwood

We've had our original F4 +4 for 5 years now and it STILL is a 9.5 on a 10 scale!! There are 2 or 3 very small rock chips and a few small scratches on it but the optical clarity is still excellent as is the ability to dampen wind buffeting.

We returned recently from a 3 day, 700+ mile trip and I was closely examining it thinking it might be time for a replacement. Couldn't have been more pleased to see that it will last another 5 or more years at this rate of wear!!

Many thanks again to the Frank family for a quality, Made-in-The USA product, and for the great, friendly, and courteous service that accompanies EVERY order or question!


My wife and I just completed a four day, 976 mile or 1556km tour of Washington and Idaho states with the new F4 Custom windshield and it was a TOTAL pleasure; my impressions are as follows:

I noticed that switching from 15'.5" to 17'.5" made the bike noticeably quieter, the clarity and visibility through this windshield is 100% better than my stock shield-no glare at all which allowed me to go through turns at much higher speeds, the bike became much more stable, better handling and more maneuverable at all speeds, less wind turbulence between myself and the windshield, less turbulence behind me and my wife. My wife was delighted that there was significant noise reduction as well as buffeting over her head- especially at speeds in excess of 60 miles/hour.

We have not had the opportunity to ride in the rain, but I can imagine that there will be more protection for both of us. In terms of mileage/gallon, I have no idea how much reduction there is but we are absolutely satisfied with this windshield and would recommend it with no hesitation.

F4 Customs

F4 Custom is a leader in the aftermarket motorcycle windshield industry. In March of 2005, F4 Customs started daily operations by launching a new high-quality aftermarket windshield to rival what was currently on the market. The windshields are manufactured using the highest optical grade polycarbonate available. This Lexan® material is UV stabilized to help prevent it from drying out and becoming brittle. Polycarbonate is over 30X more impact resistant than acrylic. The patented proprietary process and coatings give the F4 windshields the best rain-shedding ability on the market without using special waxes or polishes.
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