Windshield for Valkyrie Interstate (1997 to 2003)

Windshield for Valkyrie Interstate (1997 to 2003)

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  • 15.5" Clear - $230.00 USD
  • 17.5" Wide Clear Windshield - $250.00 USD
  • 19.5" Wide Clear Windshield - $270.00 USD
  • 21.5" Wide Clear Windshield - $290.00 USD
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  • Clear - $0.00 USD

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F4 Customs’ Replacement Motorcycle Windshields

F4 Customs’ motorcycle windshields are designed with two things in mind: quality and experience. Every one of our motorcycle windscreens is constructed from the highest optical grade polycarbonate we could find. Then it is formed and coated with a proprietary hard coating that protects your windshield from scratches. The proprietary coating is also designed to shed rain, and clean easy. Our motorcycle windshields also come in varying height and style options so you get the riding experience you want, wether that ride is a short day trip or a 10,000 mile journey. Every F4 Customs motorcycle windshield is designed to perform and last, wherever the road takes you.

Choosing the right F4 Customs motorcycle windshield for Honda Valkyrie Interstate


17” Wide

19” Wide

21” Wide

What’s with wide?

Every F4 Customs replacement windshield for Spyder RT and RTS is available in a wide option. The extra 2 and 1/2 inches per side helps protect yours arms and torso and those of a co-rider! The wide option maximizes protection from the elements.

Replacement Motorcycle Windshield For:

MAKE: Honda MODEL: Valkyrie Interstate

YEAR: 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003

Part Number Clear 1"Wider than Stock Thickness Same Angle as Stock Mounts To Factory Fairing DOT Approved Fits all Insterstate Fairing Models 97-2003 Made in the USA
VALKINST-15.5-C x 0.157 x x x x x
VALKINST-17.5-C-W x x 0.157 x x x x x
VALKINST-19.5-C-W x x 0.157 x x x x x
VALKINST-21.5-C-W x x 0.157 x x x x x

Click Here to Download Valkyrie Interstate Installation Instructions

Windshield for Valkyrie Interstate (1997 to 2003)

Windshield for Valkyrie Interstate (1997 to 2003)

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