Honda GL1800 and F6B Leg Wings

Honda GL1800 and F6B Leg Wings



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  • Clear - $79.95 USD
  • Light Tint - $79.95 USD
  • Dark Tint - $79.95 USD
  • Black Hardware - $0.00 USD
  • Chrome Hardware - $0.00 USD

Quick and easy install with clamps that wrap around the engine guard.

These are available in black or chrome hardware (acorn nuts and snap cap color). The clamp wrapping around the engine guard is available only in black.

Keeps you warmer and dryer in cold and wet weather by deflecting rain and cold air away from the legs, feet, and ankles of the rider. In hot weather they deflect the hot air from the engine away from the feet, legs, and ankles of the rider.

Note: These Leg Wings may not be compatable with your highway pegs depending on mounting location of your pegs. If you have any question whether or not these will fit please contact us and we can help you decide if they will work with your pegs.

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