Center Replacement Stand for Honda Gold Wing

F6B Center Replacement Stand



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  • GL 1800 - $179.00 USD
  • GL 1500 - $179.00 USD
  • 2018+ GL1800 - $179.00 USD
  • F6B - $179.00 USD
  • Black - $0.00 USD
  • Chrome Powder Coat - $20.00 USD
  • Chrome Plated - $110.00 USD

Formerly known as power park, our Center Replacement Stand (CRS) allows the rider and co-rider to remain on the bike while shifting into reverse putting your foot down on the CRS arm and simply backing the Goldwing® onto its center stand.

If this way is not comfortable you can still put the bike on its center stand the same way you currently do using 1/10th the strength of what you used to use.

These are quick and easy to install.

Available in Black or Chrome Powder Coat or Chrome Plated.

Fits GL1500 and GL1800 and the New 2018 GL1800.

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