F4 Customs Warranty

F4 Customs offers a 4-year limited warranty,

  • First Two years -if it is a manufacturing defect,
  • Ex: delamination, cracks (not caused by overtightening) Or crazing. Full replacement
  • Third year – 50% of retail price
  • Forth year-25% of retail price

F4 Customs does not warrant scratches, our windshields are highly scratch resistant, not scratch proof.

If you feel you have a warranty issue, you may send the windshield back to us and we will determine if it is a warranty issue, if it is a replacement will be sent out according to our warranty, if not the windshield will be returned to you and shipping charges will apply.



F4 Customs does not have a return policy:

If you would want to exchange for a different size or color, you may return your shield unopened (still wrapped in plastic) and not mounted for a different size or color. You will be billed for any difference in price and shipping.

F4 CUSTOMS, LLC cannot be responsible for damage caused by over-tightening of fasteners when installing a windshield. Over-tightening of the screws will crack the windshield around the mounting holes. ***This will not be covered under the F4 Customs limited warranty.

Do not use any liquid thread locker (I.E. Loctite) on the screws that mount the windshield as it will cause stress cracking on the polycarbonate.

***Any manufacturing warranty will be voided with the use of windshield bags***.